Friday, September 2, 2011

Learning and Remembering with Digital Photography

After many months, weeks, days, hours... hair-pulling sessions.... and general chaos I have just published on lulu my second book... This one is strickly photography.  Here is the description I posted on Lulu....

Learning and Remembering with Digital Photography is a booklet designed to provide either the home school parent or the classroom teacher with techniques using digital photography to bring students to deep learning. Deep processing of information occurs when the material to be learned is processed in many ways by the brain. Digital photography is intriguing by itself. Students catch the bug immediately to document education projects, interviews, social science material, science experiments and so much more. Join educator John McGeough as he introduces you to a way to really motivate, engage and help your students deep process any information to be learned. This booklet is not intended to be encyclopedic since there are limitless ideas. Rather it is intended to give you the tools to take the material and run to create your own creative and successful projects.

A number of years ago as a teacher I realized that students were becoming more and more technologically oriented... duh..... So I started looking for ways to involve them in learning projects that were meaningful and involved technology.  Digital photography came to mind immediately.  So over the years the book/booklet has developed in my mind.... Finally today... it came to fruition.  You can view and purchase the book at

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