Sunday, July 29, 2012

In just a few weeks our young children will be going off to school for the first time.  This would be a great time to think about their First Grade Portraits to have to contrast with their Senior Portraits.  We do First Grade Portraits just like senior portraits in the childs favorite environments doing their favorite things.  We can also do professional portraits like some you will see on my facebook page.  These pictures are so important.  I was just at a party for one of our graduating seniors in my family.  There was an album there about 3/4 of a foot thick with her entire life... give yourself the same gift.  Call me at 281 413 9479.  or contact me at or on my facebook page for John McGeough.  I look forward to doing something wonderful for you.  I will see to it that we get the results you want. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Senior Photographs

Hi Friends.  The academic year is marching forward.  The time has come to start planning to do senior photographs for your seniors.  Remember, I do environmental photographs that are made outdoors or in the students home, school or other locations as they may choose.  You may contact me here or at 281 413 9479.  I have lots of appointment times available now.  But they will fill up fast.  Please allow me the honor of doing your senior pictures.  Thanks so much.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

stock photography models wanted

Hi all... As I said in my last post I am greatly increasing my efforts at stock photography.  I have a number of projects in mind that will need models.  I will need all ages but several of the projects will involve school age kids.  I am not yet on an even keel where I can pay other than providing pictures for your portfolios or portraits of yourself or your child.  This will also require a model release.  Parents will have to sign for your children.  If you want to get your child involved in modeling this is a great opportunity to do so.  I will be happy to begin to build you a quality portfolio.  All my contact information is here in the blog.  Remember some of the greatest careers started with kids working as models.  I will be doing "concept" shots of the kids such as "happy kids", "sad" kids, "playful kids and so on... Teens will also be doing concept work...Dress for these sessions will be informal and basically what one would wear on a normal day.  You will be provided with a CD of the pictures for use in your portfolio in exchange for a model release... Blessings and have a great week. 

Christmas portraits

It's that time of year that we all look forward to about the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  Take time now to renew those dated family portraits in which your 25 year old kids are still 10.  :)  We all have them.  You can contact me at on my Facebook page john mcgeough photography or on my cell at 281 413 9479.    I will be happy to set up a photo session with you.  Note:  I also take pictures of beautifully cooked turkeys, puppies, Christmas trees, gifts, that new pony or anything else you might have in mind.  I am really increasing my stock photography uploads to several agencies.  I love doing stock since there is just an endless list of possibilities.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October discounts, location shots and Kingwood Dog Park

October is the month in Texas where the fall really begins.  Weather begins to cool off.  We don't have to worry so much about heat stroke.  We can go out into the sun without level 52 SPF sunscreen.  All this means that we are back in the mood to start photographing things again and having photographs taken.  To help everyone get started I am offering a 20% off sale for all services during the month of October.  Session fees, prints and any other services will be 20% off.  I am also going to be posting myself at certain locations during the month of October for simply portrait sessions for yourself your family or even you and your pet.  I'll be announcing those locations which will around the Humble/Kingwood area here and on my facebook page.  The last couple of times I've done this the action was fast and furious.  Also, last time I was at the Kingwood Dog Park a number of people suggested that I take pictures around the dog park to offer them for sale.  I will be doing that as well.  I look forward to seeing you at a location somewhere around Humble.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Learning and Remembering with Digital Photography

After many months, weeks, days, hours... hair-pulling sessions.... and general chaos I have just published on lulu my second book... This one is strickly photography.  Here is the description I posted on Lulu....

Learning and Remembering with Digital Photography is a booklet designed to provide either the home school parent or the classroom teacher with techniques using digital photography to bring students to deep learning. Deep processing of information occurs when the material to be learned is processed in many ways by the brain. Digital photography is intriguing by itself. Students catch the bug immediately to document education projects, interviews, social science material, science experiments and so much more. Join educator John McGeough as he introduces you to a way to really motivate, engage and help your students deep process any information to be learned. This booklet is not intended to be encyclopedic since there are limitless ideas. Rather it is intended to give you the tools to take the material and run to create your own creative and successful projects.

A number of years ago as a teacher I realized that students were becoming more and more technologically oriented... duh..... So I started looking for ways to involve them in learning projects that were meaningful and involved technology.  Digital photography came to mind immediately.  So over the years the book/booklet has developed in my mind.... Finally today... it came to fruition.  You can view and purchase the book at

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beyond the pose

We all strive to make an image that speaks to the heart of our subject.  Everyone we photograph has something deep inside them that is precious to them.  That place inside their heart, inside their spirit is where the most effectual, meaningful portrait originates, beyond the pose. 

I've read a number of books on posing senior students, families, individuals.  I've learned about the S curves, the lines that end at a single point, the feminine and masculine arm positions, but I haven't read much about how to get inside your client.  One of the best ways to get inside your client is to let the client inside yourself.

In a recent senior shoot I was able to learn so much about my wonderful, young subject by going slow, telling them some stories about myself, making a quick explanation about why I walk with a limp and seem to move carefully.  I'm getting closer and closer to becoming bionic.  I watched for small facial indications that I was connecting. 

I tried to get the client involved in the shoot by asking why his favorite things had become important.  And I listened.  From time to time I sat down for a moment to discuss my ideas for the next shot and asked for the young clients opinion and input.  He was an active participant in the shoot.  I think the pictures were much better because of that time taken to get to know this wonderful kid and they are all wonderful in their different ways. 

One thing I've learned as a teacher and a youth pastor is that listening to a kid is far more important than talking "at" a kid.  Even their questions reveal so much.  The way they ask questions and the type of questions they ask tell you if they are confident, if they are buying what is happening in the shoot and if their goal has been discovered by you the photographer. 

It's not so much about F-stops, lenses and magnificent equipment.  I've seen magnificent pictures taken with ancient brownie cameras... by photographers who understood the mystery inside their subject. 

Take the time to talk to your client... really talk.  Develop an on the spot friendship if you can so that in some way truth can pass between the two of you and impress itself into the portrait.