Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photographic locations

Today was a research day.  For any professional portrait photographer doing family photo sittings or sessions, location is a serious concern.  I armed myself with my Canon 50D and a couple of appropriate lenses then set out to find locations.  The family having photographic portraits done will have age ranges from one year of age to grandparents.  So I had a couple of criteria in mind.  And since I have very aggressive arthritis in my knees I was glad to look for places without too much walking. My criteria were simple.

1.  Locations had to be in a close grouping. 
2.  Play equipment needed to be present or close to accommodate the kids.
3.  I wanted a place out of direct sunlight or with dappled sunlight.
4.  Seating was an important consideration.
5.  The beauty of the location was of utmost importance. 

I found places to match every criteria.  I had a great time.  I found several places not having known of them before using the Android Google Maps application with satellite view. 

I scanned around the area with satellite view set at a low altitude until I found an interesting site.  Then I used the map driving directions to get there.  If I found one I liked I starred it on the map and took a picture of the location linked to the star and geographic coordinate location.  This way I can simply find the location I want and have the Android map app lead me there in it's navigation mode.  The Google Map app for Android is something I would highly recommend.  I will think through which photographic shooting locations will work best then use the Android Google Map application to take us there.  Likely we will use three. 

I will post more tomorrow as I found that I had some youth ministerial duties when I returned home so didn't have time to process.  Best blessings until next time. 

The pictures above I offer as examples used by a local farmers market for a product brochure.  I love Farmers Markets.  The location pictured here is one of my favorites; the Kingwood Town Center Farmers Market every Thursday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  I love local community events.

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