Monday, December 6, 2010


I would like to welcome you to the blog for John McGeough Photography.  The blog will be growing in the future as I add and finalize the style and look.  I am a self-taught photographer.  I have been seriously pursuing photography for about 20 years.  I'm a retired teacher and ordained youth pastor so I now have more time to pursue my art with new dedication.  I use Canon equipment exclusively.  Currently, I us a Canon 50 D body with several lenses in order to meet the needs of portrait, stock and commercial photography.  Project photography is a favorite of mine.  I really love to pursue a subject, learning as much as I can about it while thoroughly documenting it.  Presently I am working on a project involving old, historic churches in the Greater Houston Metroplex out to about 100 miles.  This is the location where I will post proofs of photographs for my clients, examples of my photographic work and a record of my life as a photographer. 

The human hand is so expressive.  The hand is so complex and beautiful.  The entire life of a person can be revealed by the hand.  Does the hand show the roughness of a lifetime of hard work...  the dexterity of one who performs delicate tasks with precision... the tenderness of a mother holding the hand of her child.  I try to include photographs of hands with every session.  The most treasured picture I have of my grandmother is a picture of her hands crossed on her Bible. 

I look forward to growing as a photographer with this blog and through my work with my clients and projects. 

Best Blessings....

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