Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sadness and happiness

One of my best friends past away last Thursday.  Her visitation was Monday evening in Crockett, Texas.  We always looked at Betty as our social organizer.  She organized on last beautiful reunion for all of us who taught with her for many, many years.  With me, it was from the late 70s... not giving away my age of course.  So many friends there... so many people I had not seen for a while. 

Additionally, she got me to go to Crockett, Texas.  What a beautiful little town.  Beautiful massive old fashioned houses with white posts, white pickett fences and tulip trees already in bloom.  I went early so I would be able to explore the town.  When I arrived hunger pangs were bothering me a bit so I went to the Moosehead Cafe.  What hamburgers and what great people.  As I am typing this away from the office I will post pictures later.  But it provided some unique and wonderful picture taking opportunities. 

Don't forget spring schedules are filling up. 

Best Blessings,


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