Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learning your camera

Cameras being made today are extremely complicated computers for all practical purposes.  The have programs that will do any number of things that  make your photography better and easier.  However on the newer DSLR's the learning curve is going to be steep.  There can be literally hundred's of settings that must be mastered.  

How is one to do this feat of mastering all the settings offered by your new camera?  Simple... divide and conquer the complications.  Start off in full auto for your first photographic endeavors.  Chances are that you will get excellent results.  As you become more comfortable with the camera start with a common technique such as depth of field.  Since digital photography costs nothing to make images, try  hundreds of images at various settings until you are comfortable at that setting.  Then move on, I would suggest, working through the manual, to go from one skill to the other until you have mastered the camera.   After a short while  you will be the master of your camera instead of the other way around.

There is no substitute for practice.  It does lead to perfection or at least mastery and, additionally, much better photography.  

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